Smartphones and mobile applications have fueled the transformation of the on-demand mobility market. In a few years, they have become the most natural way to book vehicles. Now, the market wants them to be used as keys to open, unlock, or start vehicles. The reason is simple: in this very competitive market, operators want to provide the best customer experience and, for that, to remove any touchpoint adding friction.

The technical challenges are different though. Booking a vehicle requires connectivity to the platform and some controls (for payment and to comply with regulations). Opening or unlocking a vehicle should not need any connectivity (otherwise, good luck stopping in Death Valley or off the main roads...) and requires quite a lot of security since you don't want scripting kids to hack your fleet.


Which is to say that the on-demand mobility market needs a mobile credentials technology. This is precisely what AIRKEYS is about and why we designed it.



AIRKEYS consists of

  • Modular software components to plug into your vehicle access-control system and your mobile application (we can provide a customized application for mobile access if you don't have one yet)

  • A back-end service or API to interface with the application where you currently manage users and permissions

The software components handle the secure sign-in dialog between end-user smartphones and the vehicle access-control system or lock (using BLE, ultrasound, or any local communication channel that is relevant for your use case). The back-end service manages the secure credentials lifecycle (issuance, change, revocation, audit).


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