Signing in to kiosks, to point-of-sales, to digital sign-in systems on tablets, etc., is a process that demands both security and user convenience (more of one or the other depending on the use case). Mobile sign-in combines both since it automates the input of credentials to the sign-in system and does so in a more reliable and secure way than an operator.

Does your sign-in process support mobile credentials?

This is why we've designed AIRKEYS: to seamlessly add mobile credentials to your existing sign-in systems and processes, whether you're an event organizer, a store manager where sales persons need to constantly sign in (and out) to the point of sale, an office manager, the operator of a coworking space, a business using kiosks to provide services to customers, etc.  


AIRKEYS consists of

  • Modular software components to plug into your sign-in system and your mobile application (we can provide a customized application for mobile sign-in if you don't have one yet)

  • A back-end service or API to interface with the application where you currently manage users and permissions

The software components handle the secure sign-in dialog between end-user smartphones and the sign-in system (using BLE, ultrasound, or any local communication channel that is relevant for your use case). The back-end service manages the secure credentials lifecycle (issuance, change, revocation, audit).


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