Badges and physical keys are not going to disappear any time soon but the market now demands mobile credentials, i.e. access credentials that can be provisioned and managed over-the-air, with no touchpoint with the end-users.

Are your access control solutions ready?

This is exactly what AIRKEYS is about: to allow you to add the support of mobile credentials to your access management portfolio. By providing a framework that fills the gaps of your existing technology, with a minimal integration effort.


We provide you with a library for your firmware. You can simply include it as is, or update the firmware to benefit from the advanced features and controls brought by AIRKEYS. Also, make sure that your controller supports a local communications standard such as BLE to exchange data with smartphones.

We provide you with a library that is meant to be integrated in your customer's mobile application (e.g., a real estate platform). If there's no such application, we can provide a simple AIRKEYS application customized to your brand and manage its lifecycle and that of the credentials issued for it.

AIRKEYS platform provides APIs for your software or solutions, both for lock customization (during or after manufacturing) and for mobile credentials issuance. You can use them as is with your solution, or benefit from the advanced features and controls brought by AIRKEYS.



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